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We specialise in organising professional training courses. We have been doing so since 1994. Our mission is to effectively support your development. We provide both extensive training programmes as well as short and practical courses in various business areas. We combine our experience and proven solutions with state-of-the-art tools so that we constantly introduce innovative digital programmes and paths to help you develop your competences. Upon completion of our training courses, participants receive an internationally recognised and highly regarded EY certificate.

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  • The training courses we offer are of the highest quality. We take care of their substantive content and the methodology of their delivery and ensure that they are tailored to the needs of our clients and the dynamically changing reality.
  • Our trainers are experts and practitioners. Not only do they have vast experience, but also a passion for sharing their knowledge with others.
  • We focus on innovation. We provide participants with all the necessary materials and modern tools to facilitate knowledge acquisition and enable them to test it in practice.

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% companies that implemented e-learning strategy began to generate more revenue
% of companies around the world intend to or already use e-learnings to develop employees' competences

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Free Resources

IFRS for Managers - Statement of Cash Flows

Cash is not as important a measure in accounting because we need to see how revenue is earned and how resources are consumed to generate that revenue, the difference being the profit made in a given period.

Do Financial Statements help managers look into the future?

Even though users of Financial Statements are interested in the historic performance of an entity, they are even more interested in forecasting the future performance of an entity.

Know your Bank – Measuring and Managing Risk

There are many risks involved with banking, the biggest, of course, being depositors like you and me losing their savings! Because of this, there are also many regulations that banks have to comply with.


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