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Module 2 – The Income Statement: Revenue Earned and Resources Consumed

Two unique features of this series are (1) the Open Line with the tutor offering you direct support by answering your questions or giving you additional resources on topics covered in the courses and (2) the link we make between Finance and Accounting on the one hand and World 4.0 on the other. Finance is no longer a historic account of events but it looks into the future helping managers make valuable predictions and decisions.

This is a modularised online programme, on practical skills for all professionals and will equip you with skills you need in your daily working life, immediately from day 1.

Whether you are a manager looking for skills in how to link finance to business processes, or a prospective accountant that wants to start a career in Accounting under IFRS and Finance, or a working accountant that wishes to enhance their Accounting and financial management knowledge to support their daily work, you will find this course unique and resourceful.

It is also a refreshed way of looking at Accounting and Finance and some of the things we will be covering may not be available in books or publications or on the Internet.


Patrycja Bawolska

Course coordinator

Address e-mail: patrycja.bawolska@pl.ey.com

Phone number: +48 797 305 720


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In this 2.5-hour module, the second in the series, we will construct together Income Statements and Balance Sheets while at the same time looking at real-life Financial Statements of companies listed on stock exchanges. We will search for information that warns us of the health issues facing a company and we will learn how to suggest possible solutions.

Knowledge and skills gained in Module 1 will be reinforced and extended.


  • Fully understand what an Income Statement is, what it is made up of and how to take information from it that is useful to you
  • How the Income Statement is linked to the Balance Sheet
  • What we mean by Revenue under IFRS
  • What costs are we taking into account to arrive at Gross Profit and Net Income
  • Accruals and Matching concepts and their importance in what profits we report
  • Depreciation and the book values of assets reported
  • Lots of practice questions and comprehensive case studies on the Income Statement and the Balance Sheet
  • Tutor hot-line open for three months after the course: ask your tutor questions on any part of the course for clarification or additional knowledge and resources

Certificate and educational points

After completing the training, you will receive a certificate.

This module is a part of the e-learning course Finance in Business.

The course is delivered in English.

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Course language

The course is conducted in English.

Course duration and access

Course duration: 3:06:51.
Access to this course is granted for 365 days since the first access.

Additional information

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Marinos Athanassiou Marinos is the founder of the EY Academy of Business and a trainer since 1994