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As a global leader operating at the intersection of various business lines, we advise many clients in the process of business development and digital transformation around the world. We offer a wide range of training courses in many formats to effectively adapt to your capabilities and preferences. Based on our global experience, we have developed a catalog of skills and competences that will give you and your employees the opportunity to unleash human potential and respond more effectively to current and future market needs.

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On our platform, we have collected the latest e-learning courses and development paths, diversified in terms of topics and their form and containing not only specialized or technical knowledge, but also knowledge related to employee development in the field of managerial and leadership competencies. Our offer of e-elearning courses available on demand can be found in the "Categories" tab or in the "Themes" section below. You can order them for yourself or your employees by adding selected course to your shopping cart and placing an order, or by contacting us via the contact form.

Latest e-learning courses

Introduction to OT and IOT

This course is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices of protecting and managing industrial control environments. You will learn about the unique challenges related to securing OT systems, the best practices for securing and managing them, and the latest techniques for detecting and responding to cyber threats.

In today’s world, technology is increasingly intertwined with our daily lives, including in the industrial sector. Industrial control systems are critical components in various industries such as manufacturing, energy, transportation, and healthcare. The seamless operation of these systems is essential for the smooth functioning of the economy and the well-being of society.

However, the increased use of technology in the industrial sector has also led to an increased risk of cyber attacks. Industrial control systems are a prime target for cybercriminals seeking to disrupt critical infrastructure, cause financial losses, or steal valuable data. Therefore, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of how to protect and manage industrial control environments effectively.

Whether you are an IT or OT professional, a cybersecurity expert, or an engineer responsible for managing industrial control systems, this course will equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to protect critical infrastructure and keep your organization safe from cyber threats.

IFRS Basic

IFRS Basic training course introduces and develops knowledge and understanding of the underlying principles, concepts and regulations relating to financial accounting under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

The course introduces and develops knowledge and understanding of the underlying principles, concepts and regulations relating to financial accounting under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). It concentrates in depth on recording, processing, and reporting business transactions and events. It also covers the principles of accounts preparation and drafting financial statements (i.e. the statement of financial position, the income statement, the statement of changes in equity and the cash flow). The course additionally introduces the concept of consolidation and covers preparation of simple consolidated financial statements.

Module 1 - The Balance Sheet: a reflection of the finances of an entity. The Statement of Financial Position

Two unique features of this series are (1) the Open Line with the tutor offering you direct support by answering your questions or giving you additional resources on topics covered in the courses and (2) the link we make between Finance and Accounting on the one hand and World 4.0 on the other. Finance is no longer a historic account of events but it looks into the future helping managers make valuable predictions and decisions.

This is a modularised online programme, on practical skills for all professionals and will equip you with skills you need in your daily working life, immediately from day 1.

Whether you are a manager looking for skills in how to link finance to business processes, or a prospective accountant that wants to start a career in Accounting under IFRS and Finance, or a working accountant that wishes to enhance their Accounting and financial management knowledge to support their daily work, you will find this course unique and resourceful.

It is also a refreshed way of looking at Accounting and Finance and some of the things we will be covering may not be available in books or publications or on the Internet.


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